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We provide lessons at Bartlett Lake Marina, half day rentals and the best Wake Foiling Board Packages available. Your extended gear will consist of a life vest, ski rope and a boat. Wake size comes with experience, any wake size will do.

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Flyin Foil w/Board -  $850.00

Flyin Foil only    -  $800.00

Foil Surf Lesson -  $  75.00

Half Day Rental  -  $  65.00


There is a learning curve

Every learning curve varies. Long line is the best to start with finding your balance. Starting speed is gental, 3 to 4 mph with no more than 8 mph after getting up. Get settled then bring the foil up 6"s, then down 6"s. Start a carve turn right to left, twist with your hips to feel the difference. You may find the second wave wants to surf, be ready and hold on to the rope. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Shorten the rope and surf the wave while holding on, let go and you are Foil Surfing!


Buying a Wake Surf Foil

Flyin Foil is all about wake surfing with a hydrofoil. I have tried many different foils and board combos, our best freestyle wake foils are Flyinfoil with board and ready to use the day you buy it. You can choose the beginner 55mm or the advanced 70mm masked, boards range in size from 136mm to 143mm in length. Buy Now-$850.00 Call 602 920 1779


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Flyin Foil Boards are available to rent.

During peak season, foil boards rent out quickly. Contact us now to make sure we will have a foil board for you on the dates that you need it.

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